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Harsh Malik

Harsh Malik

Buffalo, NY


Art for me is a journey of soul, which never ends. To make this journey beautiful, and lively I am painting the path so others can walk on this path happily.

Born and brought up in India, a land of Art, Culture, and spirituality. I got love for art from my Father, who was a great appreciator of my paintings and from mother I inherited love for life, and both of them were strong believers of God. My father would daily sing prayers with one of his musical instrument and mother would perform Hawan daily. My paintings therefore reflect a very musical and spiritual feel. The human faces I paint, have very angelic expressions. My family was very conservative thus I was confided to my city where I pursued my Bachelor and later Masterís degree in FINE ARTS. My mother always accompanied me when I had to do outdoor sketching and landscapes, she would pack food for both of us and used to read novels while I was busy painting. So it used to be like a picnic always. Library was my favorite place, and all money that I would get from parents for buying clothes I used to spend on buying Great Artistís books and art material. I was influenced by Ajanta Paintings in India, which reflected my work too. They became my base. The flow and the curves my figures have are very identical to Ajanta paintings. Again they are godís depictions, so I was surrounded with spirituality, which till date reflects my work and my personality. The Indian artist that influenced my work was N.S Bendre, Amrita Shergill. Cloude Moneís paintings also influenced my work.
I got married in 1970 and pursued my carrier as an art lecturer but could not participate in art exhibitions due to financial concerns. Once my children grew I got time to paint and participated in some group shows in Delhi, India. Later in the year 2002 I migrated to America, which is a Beautiful Country. I am presently staying in Buffalo, New York. Being here my artistic expression has taken a new turn. Now I am associated with some Galleries and also have participated in group Shows and Competitions. This is a land of opportunities and I donít want to be left behind, and explore my talent to the max.

Master of Fine Arts: Kanpur University (1970)
Bachelors in Education: Government College of Education, Bhiwani, India(1979)
Bachelors in Arts: Kanpur University (1968)

Senior Secondary High School, Haryana, India
Job Profile: Principal 2000-2001
Job Description: The High School was located in the remote area (village) of Haryana. The objective was to spread education among the youth in the best possible approach out of the various methods. My skills as an artist brought a revolution in the school.

State Council of Education Research and Training, Haryana, India
Job Profile: Sr. Lecturer of Fine Arts 1995-2001

My contact information is hlmalik0009@gmail.com
Some of my videos of my original paintings


Lake Lady by Harsh Malik


Dancing Tulips by Harsh Malik


Saraswati by Harsh Malik


Divine Dance by Harsh Malik


Chakra Sadhna by Harsh Malik


Chakra - Lotus by Harsh Malik


Blossom by Harsh Malik


See Weed Turtle by Harsh Malik


Goddess Lakshmi by Harsh Malik


Henna by Harsh Malik


Having A GreatTime by Harsh Malik


Meditation by Harsh Malik


Narada Muni by Harsh Malik


Tulips and butterflies by Harsh Malik


Lilies twin by Harsh Malik


Water Lilies by Harsh Malik


IRIS by Harsh Malik


Bejewelled by Harsh Malik


Love by Harsh Malik


Kiss by Harsh Malik


Milan by Harsh Malik


Delight by Harsh Malik


Spring by Harsh Malik


Just a Pebble in the Water by Harsh Malik


Golden Love by Harsh Malik


Energy of Water - Harsh Malik by Harsh Malik


Energy of Water by Harsh Malik


Pots and Flowers by Harsh Malik


Cardinals Chat by Harsh Malik


waiting by Harsh Malik


harmony by Harsh Malik


I love you MOM by Harsh Malik


Rass Leela by Harsh Malik


A Ray of Hope by Harsh Malik


Beauty of valley by Harsh Malik


Peacock Fantasy by Harsh Malik


Dahlia - fantasy by Harsh Malik


Raas Lila 2 by Harsh Malik


Forward by Harsh Malik


If I will get your love by Harsh Malik


Feeding the Doves 1 by Harsh Malik


Feeding the Doves by Harsh Malik


Ray of hope 2 by Harsh Malik


A RAY OF HOPE by Harsh Malik


Divine Lovers by Harsh Malik


Ras Leela by Harsh Malik


Ray of hope 3 by Harsh Malik


A Ray of hope 4 by Harsh Malik